Anti-propaganda campaigns

Poster fake news

We live bombarded with information, from the internet to social media to TV or from discussions with family and friends. The way we filter information, the way we build our beliefs and how we protect ourselves from propaganda and misinformation are essential themes of this century.

Presentations and workshops on demand

you represent a company, NGO or a group of students interested in a lecture, presentation or workshop on the topics of fake news/argumentation, Forum Apulum team can help you, represented by Lect. Univ. Dr. Ciprian Cucu, Vicepresident Forum Apulum (speaker „Jurnaliști în dialog 2018” / Freedom House, „Conferința Raționalilor 2018” / ASUR.

The Short Guide of Anti-Propaganda

How can we combat propaganda, how can we prevent or defeat the fake news phenomenon? The Guide represents an introduction in the field of critical thinking and offers a map for validating information that circulates the media.

The Guide is available in digital format on issuu: