The Illustrated Student's Guide

The official position of the Romanian education system is that it is centered around students and their needs. In reality, though, there are only a few truly passionate and appreciated teachers and the students are trapped in a system which doesn't support creativity and understanding, but which demands memorization and generates conformity. Moreover, there are situations of real abuses made on students who are forced to take private supplementary teaching hours with the educator from school, to fund the budget for providing school supplies needed in class (even though this fund is now illegal), to be taken out of the class or to be evaluated in an arbitrary manner.

The Guide was made in partnership with The National Council of Students and UNICEF Romania and will be distributed at events open to every student where there will be talks with them about the current state of education and the problems faced by them at school.

This Guide is an easy to understand summary of the rights and obligations of students. We believe in the youth's power to change the Romanian education and in doing so first they have to be informed correctly, have courage to defend their rights and power to fulfill their duties.

The design of the Guide was made by Emilian Mocanu and the illustrations have been chosen from a competition where over 100 students all over the country have submitted ideas. Special thanks to George Rosu for his support in this project.

The Guide can also be accessed on issuu: